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Aug 06

General Tradioneer Info


Tradioneer is an auto-trading binary options robot, which provides all the functions a standard binary robot does, but Tradioneer takes auto-trading to a higher level. The Tradioneer system has a wide range of customization settings which in turn gives traders full control over all aspects of the trading process.

It has a simple interface allowing you to change the trading amount, select a trading strategy and even completely turn off the software. Tradioneer was developed by a team of experienced financiers in 2008 and since then they have been working with brilliant programmers to perfect their system.

Is Tradioneer a Scam?

One of the main concerns when it comes to the saturated market of binary options trades, as with all industries that grow rapidly in a short time, is the risk of being scammed.

With Tradioneer traders will enjoy a safe and secure environment while trading, as the robot is integrated with some of the most reputable binary brokers on the market.

All these brokers are supervised and licensed by CySEC, offering quality customer protection. Also, the servers are encrypted through a very specific procedure providing additional protection of personal information. With such high standards of protection, we looked up the trader's feedback, and it was highly positive.

With all these facts about the binary robot, we can conclude that the Tradioneer is definitely not a scam and should be viewed as trustworthy.

How Much Does Tradioneer Cost?

Registration is completely free, the only thing you have to provide are your contact details. Deposits are made once the user decides he wants to trade. There will be no extra charge or fees, and there are no hidden taxes on Tradioneer.

How Does the Tradioneer system Work?

The online binary trading system operates by utilizing an algorithm. The algorithm scans the online markets for investment opportunities and sends trading signals to its traders. All the parameters for every trade opportunity can be set in the customization settings.

However, what makes this auto-trading system stand out from the rest is the degree of control it gives to its traders. Allowing traders to manage every aspect of the trading process creates diverse and unique strategies for every trader on ever trade.

Special Features of Tradioneer

Tradioneer provides its traders with unique features which make it stand out in the binary robots market. For better understanding of these unique features we have made a list below:

- Auto-Trading Mode: It works while you are sleeping or working your daily job, making more profit transactions than any human alone can do. It can be turned off or on depending on your trading strategy.

- Advanced Indicators: Tradioneer provides extra trading indicators that can be activated or deactivated at any time you want. Multiple indicators can be running at the same time while the robot will only act on the set requirements. The six indicators to choose from are TREND, MACD, RSI, STOCH, WILLIAMS, and CCI. Each of them calculates different fluctuations on the market.

- Simultaneous trades: The binary robot can execute up to 8 trades at the same time, allowing you to earn more cash for the same time invested.

How to Get Started on Tradioneer?

To start using Tradioneer you just need to complete the following simple steps:

  • Sign Up:
  • The first step is to fill out a registration form, which takes your name and surname, valid email address and a registered phone number.

  • Choose a Broker:

Traders can pick a licensed broker from a list. After which, you need to deposit the minimum amount in your account.

  • Withdrawal:

The last step is to withdraw money from your account once you make a minimum profit. All you need to do is fill out a form and send a request to your broker. After the approval, the transfer usually takes between 3 and 5 work days.

The Final Verdict

Based on our research, Tradioneer stands out from the rest on the binary options market. It is our top pick for binary options that can be used for making cash in online trades. As it offers a safe and secure trading experience, while at the same time allows for detailed customization on every trade.

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