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Aug 06

Tradioneer Review

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General Tradioneer Info


Tradioneer is an auto-trading binary options robot, which provides all the functions a standard binary robot does, but Tradioneer takes auto-trading to a higher level. The Tradioneer system has a wide range of customization settings which in turn gives traders full control over all aspects of the trading process.

It has a simple interface allowing you to change the trading amount, select a trading strategy and even completely turn off the software. Tradioneer was developed by a team of experienced financiers in 2008 and since then they have been working with brilliant programmers to perfect their system.

Is Tradioneer a Scam?

One of the main concerns when it comes to the saturated market of binary options trades, as with all industries that grow rapidly in a short time, is the risk of being scammed.

With Tradioneer traders will enjoy a safe and secure environment while trading, as the robot is integrated with some of the most reputable binary brokers on the market.

All these brokers are supervised and licensed by CySEC, offering quality customer protection. Also, the servers are encrypted through a very specific procedure providing additional protection of personal information. With such high standards of protection, we looked up the trader's feedback, and it was highly positive.

With all these facts about the binary robot, we can conclude that the Tradioneer is definitely not a scam and should be viewed as trustworthy.

How Much Does Tradioneer Cost?

Registration is completely free, the only thing you have to provide are your contact details. Deposits are made once the user decides he wants to trade. There will be no extra charge or fees, and there are no hidden taxes on Tradioneer.

How Does the Tradioneer system Work?

The online binary trading system operates by utilizing an algorithm. The algorithm scans the online markets for investment opportunities and sends trading signals to its traders. All the parameters for every trade opportunity can be set in the customization settings.

However, what makes this auto-trading system stand out from the rest is the degree of control it gives to its traders. Allowing traders to manage every aspect of the trading process creates diverse and unique strategies for every trader on ever trade.

Special Features of Tradioneer

Tradioneer provides its traders with unique features which make it stand out in the binary robots market. For better understanding of these unique features we have made a list below:

- Auto-Trading Mode: It works while you are sleeping or working your daily job, making more profit transactions than any human alone can do. It can be turned off or on depending on your trading strategy.

- Advanced Indicators: Tradioneer provides extra trading indicators that can be activated or deactivated at any time you want. Multiple indicators can be running at the same time while the robot will only act on the set requirements. The six indicators to choose from are TREND, MACD, RSI, STOCH, WILLIAMS, and CCI. Each of them calculates different fluctuations on the market.

- Simultaneous trades: The binary robot can execute up to 8 trades at the same time, allowing you to earn more cash for the same time invested.

How to Get Started on Tradioneer?

To start using Tradioneer you just need to complete the following simple steps:

  • Sign Up:
  • The first step is to fill out a registration form, which takes your name and surname, valid email address and a registered phone number.

  • Choose a Broker:

Traders can pick a licensed broker from a list. After which, you need to deposit the minimum amount in your account.

  • Withdrawal:

The last step is to withdraw money from your account once you make a minimum profit. All you need to do is fill out a form and send a request to your broker. After the approval, the transfer usually takes between 3 and 5 work days.

The Final Verdict

Based on our research, Tradioneer stands out from the rest on the binary options market. It is our top pick for binary options that can be used for making cash in online trades. As it offers a safe and secure trading experience, while at the same time allows for detailed customization on every trade.

Aug 06

Quantum Code Review

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General Info about The Quantum Code

Quantum Code

The quantum code was developed by Michael Crawford in 2006. He has appeared in numerous articles about him in the Forbes magazine. His professional career started in New York where he operated with was high-frequency trading for wealthy investors. The Quantum Code’s unique feature is the NQS, meaning Near Quantum Speed technology. It's a binary options investment programming algorithm that performs fast and is reliable.

Is Quantum Code a Scam?

The Quantum Code is by far one of the most sophisticated and credible binary options investment robots that we have researched. It manages to stand above others with its fast coding algorithm. It signals potentially profitable trades to its traders with high accuracy while performing in auto-trading mode. So, based on our findings on Michael Crawford and the positive feedback of the traders we consider The Quantum Code a legitimate and trustworthy robot.

With various binary options investment systems becoming popular every day, it's no wonder that many people find it hard to understand the difference between the scam and legit ones. Our reviews aim to help you save people time and money by doing the research for you.

Unique Features of the Quantum Code

This binary options investment system has a few unique features. During our research we found the following listed below:

- NQS: The near quantum speed technology is the fastest and the most reliable robot for online trades. It hadn't failed with its algorithm since 2006 when it was created.

- 24/7 Support: Good customer support is hard to find. It's even more difficult to find one that works around the clock. The Quantum Code support team checks out on both of those things. It is a members-only feature.

- Fully Automated: With NQS technology the speed of fully automated trades excel above others in the binary options field.

- Dedicated Mentors: Seminars by motivated professionals are regularly offered to beginners as well as for advanced users. These type of seminars provide its users with a unique perspective on possible trade strategies and techniques.

Getting Started with the Quantum Code

The sign-up and registration process only takes a couple of minutes of your time and requires you to give out precise information. The registration is not complicated, but it does need your personal information, and the rest of the steps will be listed below:

  • Free Sign Up:
  • Enter your name, surname, phone number and email address and click the button. Simple and fast

  • Pick a broker & Profit:
  • Choose a broker from a list of certified brokers and make the minimum deposit. The minimum deposit amount is just $250. These funds are saved in various banks, so your investment is always protected from the firm bankruptcy.

  • Withdraw:

As soon as you have chosen your binary options broker and when you have generated some profits if you decide to withdraw money from your account you have to file a request with the same broker and wait for approval. After the request gets approved the bank transfer takes three to five work days. During our research, we found no issues when people wanted to withdraw money from their account.

Conclusion on the Quantum Code

This fully automated binary options investment robot is one of the fastest and most reliable robots in the online trading business. After our extensive research, we found no complaints or serious issues with the software and the company. The online traders report satisfying results and are happy with the profits it has generated them.

Furthermore, the Quantum Code has numerous stamps of approval issued by official authorities that further attest to the legitimacy of this firm. The Forbes magazine has certainly helped Michael Crawford stand out in this competitive market of binary options investments. He even earned a popular nickname there as ‘The Wall Street Wizard’.

We hope you found this review. helpful and that you feel safe with proceeding to use and invest in

Aug 06

QBITs MegaProfit System Review

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What is QBITs MegaProfit System?


QBITs MegaProfit System is a virtual robot that operates on binary options in the online virtual trading system. It has made online trading simpler by providing the investors with binary option trade signals and by also making trade decisions based on its fundamental algorithm. Jeremy Hart, who is the head developer and CEO, takes pride in his encoded algorithms as they have shown to provide accurate results above 90% of the time.

The trading can be done by both novices as well as advanced traders with this software. It is fully automated and designed to be able to calculate market movements and open trades in less than two milliseconds. To use this system, you will need a PC, tablet or a smartphone. But let's get down the important questions.

Is QBITs MegaProfit System a Scam?

Everyone today can access the market, as binary options trading has become one of the most used and sought after ways to gain financial freedom. All you need to do is chose an automated broker from the comfort of your home, and you can begin trading.

But the inconsistent and unpredictable market conditions can pose a huge risk for many people, and the QBITs system also has its risk's. However, the automated robots performing the binary options can help you make the right choice in this case.

In fact, a lot of traders who are already using this trading bot have reported an 85% profit and are only providing positive feedback for this system. Therefore, we can establish that this free software application is scam-free and can be used to make profits online.

QBITS is NOT a Scam. It is a safe and legit trading system. ​

How Does the QBITs MegaProfit system work?

First what needs to be understood is that you don't need to sit at your computer or tablet and spend hours on the market scanning and analyzing for opportunities. The system is 100 % automated and uses Quantum technology to predict market movement. Just like any experienced trader, the system analyzes the trends & charts and the various fluctuations of the market, only a lot faster.

After finishing the calculations, with its algorithm, the system reports on a particular pattern. Depending on the analysis, you will get trading signals, after which the system will place trades on the most profitable options for you.

So everyone who is working an 8-10 hour shift can still make money using this platform while dedicating a short amount of time in their day. It's perfect for stay at home moms, people who have a couple of hours to spend during the day after work, or people who just need to make extra monthly income.

Is the QBITs MegaProfit System completely cost free?

The answer to this question is yes, the service itself is free. But, to be able to trade, you need to have an account with a broker. The broker's platform has a minimum deposit of 250$. After the deposit, you will be able to trade in real time and generate profits with the system.

So QBITs is, at its core, free of cost, but by depositing money and trading on its broker's platform, you have a chance to earn more cash through many different bonuses available on the broker’s platform.

How to get started on QBITs?

In just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to online trading.

  • How to register:

Sign up with an e-mail that has not been used before for trading and the site will take you to the broker's page to sign up. Registration is free of charge.

  • How to make a profit:
  • The broker’s page will require you to enter your details after which you will need to make a deposit of 250 $. Once you reach a minimum amount of earned profits you can start requesting withdrawals from your account.

  • How to withdraw money:

The withdrawals fall under the rules of the broker. So make sure to check the terms and conditions of the broker's to ensure that you can make timely withdrawals.

In conclusion, we found that the QBITs MegaProfits system is a TOP performer in auto-traders category. 

Aug 06

Online Wealth Markets Review

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online wealth markets

You don't have to have any prior knowledge about binary options to use the robot, but learning more would not be bad. The system is free to use if you open a new account. Access to extra features like educational materials and training techniques cost $4.

Online Wealth Markets trading platform is a fully automated trading system; developed by James Ulrich, which provides a competitive, professional but also safe binary options trading experience to its traders. The robot makes trading in the online financial markets easy to use and understand.

Is Online Wealth Markets a Scam and should you avoid it?

In this saturated market of binary options trading systems, the traders should proceed with caution before they decide where to open an account and invest money. Our research has revealed that the Online Wealth Market system was developed by leading experts in the United Kingdom.

You have to be fast when registering if you wish to become a part of this trading business as open spots have a limit.

This software is created for serious traders, and the company aims to keep it that way.

The Online Wealth Markets offers numerous reputable brokers from a list, giving you more than one choice. Our research shows that this binary options system is safe and reliable. The reviews of traders who have used it are also mostly positive.

With all that, we can safely assume that this is a legitimate way of earning extra cash.

Online Wealth Markets is NOT a Scam

It is a legit and secure system. 

How to Profit With The Online Wealth Markets?

The Online Wealth Markets software has an easy to use interface and many customization tools for various trade opportunities. The system gathers a large amount of data and processes it fast before it sends signals for potential trades. After you make the cash deposit, the automatic robot starts monitoring the markets, finds good opportunities for investment and then according to your parameters executes trades.

The different options to chose from are currency pairs, stocks, commodities, and indices. After you complete the sign-up, make sure to set up you preference on trade deals so the robot can be as precise as possible.

This option will provide great flexibility for the traders as they can enjoy an unprecedented amount of control over their trade process. It also works while you are asleep or doing your day job, maximizing your profits.

What is The Price of The Online Wealth Markets?

If you are fast, the registering on the system is free. As long as there are unoccupied brokers on the platform, you can pick them at no cost. Traders who decide to join later will have to pay $4 to get access to unique features like videos, eBooks, training and other educational materials.

To register with a broker, you need a minimum deposit of $250. After you join, you can see a return on your investments.

How To Open an Account on Online Wealth Markets?

This can be done in a few simple steps that we have listed below:

  • Sign Up: Enter a valid e-mail address and your personal information thai is required in the form
  • Trade and Profit: Before you can trade you need to invest $250 and pick a broker from the list. After that set the parameters for your trades and try to monitor your trades when you can
  • Withdrawal: Before you can withdraw money from your account you need to fill out a form and send it to your broker. Once he reviews your request, he will send the request to the bank and in about three to five days you will have the amount you wanted to be withdrawn from your account


After we had completed our research on the Online Wealth Markets, we have to say that we liked the Clear & Transparent Reputation that they have set out to accomplish.

All the reviews are mostly positive, and great praise is given for its simple interface. Additionally, the customization settings minimize the risk factor making trade deals easy for beginners.

Aug 06

FinTech Limited Full Review

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What is FinTech Limited?

finitech limited

FinTech Ltd. is an online binary options trading platform that has launched recently. Daniel Roberts created FinTech Ltd. with the goal to change lives for the better. After a couple of years in alpha testing, the service was ready for launch in June 2016. The algorithm used in this software gathers information about ongoing global events 24 hours a day.

Is FinTech Ltd a Scam or can we Trust it?

Traders should approach any auto trading systems online with caution. As the markets are flooded by various binary option software tools and applications, it's hard to understand what sets the scams apart from the real ones. What the usual binary trading robots provide are simple trading features.

These traders are not able to use different strategies and don't have all the control over the execution of their trades. In this regard, the FinTech Ltd. robot stands out with its wide range of trading tools and customization settings.
By optimizing your trading strategy, you lower the risk of losses and increase the potential earnings. So when we wanted to check if FinTech Ltd. was legit, we looked at its feedback.

Many people have heard of trading online through binary options. And although there is a vast amount of such software's and apps, some tend not to have your best interest. Luckily, as we research and review them, you can have a better understanding on which binary options are safe for use.

During our research, we could not find one serious complaint about the functionality of the binary options trading system.

It did what it advertised it would do, it worked. However, we advise you always to check the feedback before you decide to use any binary options trading system so you can make sure your goals can be achieved with this tool.

We can safely state, that FinTech Ltd. and its binary options investment solution is reliable and safe.

How Does FinTech Ltd Function?

Users don't need to have previous experience in binary options trading to start earning profits on FinTech Ltd. But for the professionals it's variety of tools, features and options are going to be a nice addition. The FinTech Ltd. binary robot places trade automatically according to the trader’s preferences with its large asset index featuring stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs.

From there you can set parameters to trades you wish to be accomplished on your behalf. For instance determining the amount you want to invest in a single trade and also setting limits on the number of trades performed. Those settings can be changed anytime, and once set will function even when you are at work or asleep.

We consider that automated trading process one of FinTech Ltd. best services as it enables you to keep trading and making a profit more than any human trader can.

FinTech Ltd – How much does it cost?

Registration on FinTech Ltd. is entirely free. Potential users can open an account and see what the robot offers before depositing any money. Once you decide to trade with FinTech Ltd., you need to deposit $200. Overall, the registration does not cost anything, and we believe that you can use it to learn more about FinTech Ltd. After which, you can decide if this is the perfect platform for making money on binary trading for you.

How to get started on FinTech ltd.?

Learning how to start is not complicated, just complete the following steps:

  • Sign up: Register for free with a valid e-mail address.
  • Place Initial Deposit: The smallest amount required is 200$
  • Choose A Broker: The binary options investment platform operates with registered and authentic brokers that you can pick from a list
  • Withdrawal: Before you can withdrawal money, you need to fill out a form and send it to your broker for approval. The approval might take a day or two. After which, the transfer will take around 3-5 business days.

In conclusion, we believe that the traders using the FinTech Ltd. binary options platform can benefit from the wide range of tools and settings that are at their disposal. But, to achieve its full potential consistency and commitment are required.